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IBAT and its partners are dedicated to bringing about a Green Lithium Extraction Revolution.


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Renewable energy is here to stay



IBAT’s revolutionary, proprietary technology will position IBAT as a low cost producer of high quality commercial grade lithium in the market at a much more rapid rate than current industry standards.

Our new Generation 3 system uses an improved selective absorbent, new technology and a radical engineering concept. We believe that our technological advantages will allow IBAT and its partners to lead the world in lithium production.

Our Difference

Extraction Experts

Technical team with extensive proven experience in lithium extraction projects

Advanced Technology

Third generation patent pending proprietary technology

Cost Effective 

Targeting low-cost production of battery grade lithium and other metals

Rapid Lithium Extraction

Bring on resources rapidly with high recovery rates

Environmentally Friendly

Source brine returned to Aquifer; but our system is capable of recycling 98% of fresh water 

Time Efficient

Innovative mobile extraction units for efficient timely deployment


Corporate Milestones


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Let's Talk Lithium

Dr. John Burba, CEO of International Battery Metals, shares about advancements in the Lithium industry with the Lithium Investors Forum. 

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Why This Matters

To meet anticipated demand, the lithium industry must have a faster, lower cost solution.

Environmental Issues 

  • Salar Attacama Brine Levels have Dropped Significantly over the last 15 years.

  • Waste salt deposits from solar evaporation ponds have created environmental problems.

  • Industrial depletion of ground water has has taken water from indigenous farmers who live around Salar Atacama.  Many have been forced to leave their homes.

  • In response to these serious issues, the Chilean Government has put all production expansions on hold, limiting critical lithium production.


Global Lithium Production Issues

  • Global lithium demand may double in the next 5 yrs.  It is expected to double again in the subsequent 5 years.

  • Current plant designs require between 5 to 12 years to build and start-up.

  • Capital costs for these projects are expected to be between $500 Million and $1 Billion.


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