IBAT Technology is Reshaping the Future of Lithium Extraction

IBAT is addressing a range of industry-wide issues with lithium extraction–environmental damage, slow time to market, and heavy capital costs–with one unique, all-encompassing solution: Modular Direct Lithium Extraction (MDLE) technology.

Meeting the Challenges of the Future, Today


With the world in very real danger of demand for lithium-ion batteries outpacing the supply of usable lithium, companies are springing up to meet the need. Unfortunately, many of them are moving ahead with operations utilizing traditional lithium extraction methods…and those create a number of problems for the environment, from chemicals leaking into groundwater to huge releases of pollutants into the air.

There are also ethical concerns related to these activities: In regions where water is already scarce, is consuming millions of gallons of it to make batteries the right thing to do? Is the health and well-being of local community members being taken into consideration?

IBAT was founded to be a better way to do lithium extraction. Our elegant solution to all of traditional lithium extraction’s problems is our Modular Direct Lithium Extraction (MDLE) technology.

MDLE is real-world proven to overcome the challenges of traditional lithium extraction, thanks to its…

  • environmental advantages in emissions, resource conservation, and habitat protection
  • high lithium recovery rate of up to 95%
  • fast time to market, as little as 18 months; and
  • low operating and capital costs.

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Technology Developed by a Pioneering Lithium Extraction Expert

IBAT’s innovative system is the brainchild of physical chemist Dr. John Burba, aka “the Godfather of Lithium.” After starting his career in the 1980s at Dow Chemical working in lithium separation, Dr. Burba went on to amass dozens of patents in the field and to revolutionize lithium extraction in Argentina–one of the world’s largest sources of lithium–with a selective absorption process that is still in use there.

Dr. Burba’s founding of IBAT is the culmination of his experience and expertise in lithium extraction, garnered over a more than 40-year career.

We believe that our technological advantages will allow IBAT and its partners to lead the world in green lithium production.
-- Dr. John Burba, Chairman
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The Greenest
DLE Technology on the Market

At IBAT, we are proud to be part of helping the world go green, not only by being a supply of lithium for batteries, but by the way we provide that lithium.

Our company was built with sustainability in mind, which is clear in the results our technology delivers:


98% process water recycled


Zero chemicals used


Minimal waste byproducts


Small environmental footprint


Compatible with solar power and other renewables

IBAT extracts lithium in an environmentally sustainable way that does not impact water resources, that is why I believe in this company. That is why I decided to join the IBAT team.
-- Maria Echaveste, former Senior White House Advisor and IBAT Advisory Board Member

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