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International Battery Metals’ (IBAT) direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology is available now to bring real results for global manufacturers, suppliers, and investors.

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At International Battery Metals, we have innovated a cost- and resource-efficient lithium extraction method that is clean, socially conscious, and validated to work at scale under real-world conditions with even the most challenging brines.

What’s more, our process–which was developed by a pioneer in the lithium industry–offers a better recovery rate than other methods currently being used, with a faster time-to-delivery.

Environmental Performance

IBAT minimizes the environmental impact of recovering the lithium that is vital to modern life.

Our simple Selective Absorption Lithium technology extracts the lithium from brine with water and reinjects the brine into the ground. Our technology generates minimal waste byproducts, greatly reducing any potential environmental effects. Furthermore, we do not use evaporation ponds, salt piles, or limiting our footprint and causing less habitat destruction.

Our proven technology uses a modular equipment design that is both compact and configurable, enabling us to customize our production facilities to meet the demands of multiple brines and the needs of our customers. The modular design also allows for flexibility in the timing of deployment and the scaling of operations for optimal results.

Nearly 98% of our process water is recycled, and our plants will heavily incorporate solar energy and other renewables into their operations.

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IBAT: Raising the Bar

At International Battery Metals, we believe in electrification, and that how we get there is equally important. So we’re setting new standards for lithium extraction with an eye toward reshaping the future of mining to make it more sustainable. 


(1) Lithium-rich brine flows through the IBAT filtration vessel and its proprietary filter media.
(2) In double-selective size exclusion, fine holes in the filter media's tiny hexagonal crystals trap the lithium and chloride ions, while the larger ions go right by.
(3) Clean strip water pushes out the spent brine, leaving only the lithium chloride-rich water.

Meet Dr. John Burba,
the Man Behind IBAT Technology

Dr. Burba is a physical chemist and world-renowned innovator in mineral extraction tech. Over his 40-year career he has patented numerous products and processes, including the IBAT technology, to which he has made several improvements since its introduction in Argentina in 1998.

We believe that our technological advantages will allow IBAT and its partners to lead the world in green lithium production.
-- Dr. John Burba, Chairman
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IBAT will utilize global relationships, industry expertise, and proven experience in resource extraction technology to achieve its mission. With the energy transition poised to exponentially increase demand for lithium and other battery metals over the next decade, we welcome investment as we position ourselves to be the world’s most trusted supplier.


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