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Direct Lithium Extraction

We believe that our technological advantages will allow IBAT and its partners to lead the world in green lithium production.

- Dr. John Burba






Direct Lithium Extraction

Our Solutions and Social Impact

At International Battery Metals, we strive to be the clean, socially conscientious alternative that drives the green lithium extraction revolution. 


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Environmental Advantages

IBAT’s unique Selection Absorption technology eliminates solar evaporation ponds, salt piles, and lime plants; rejects critical impurities such as magnesium, calcium, sulfate, borate, and transmission metals; provides water control and recovery technology that recycles greater than 98% of the plant's process water.

Capital & Operating Costs

IBAT’s novel process and control system leads to low operating costs with the total estimated capital costs being less less than half of traditional plant costs. 

Time to Market

IBAT’s modular plant design allows rapid placement at brine resources, minimizing construction and start-up time. Estimated installation and start-up time is currently less than one year.

Advanced Technology

IBAT’s new Generation 3 system uses an improved selective absorbent, new technology and a radical engineering concept.  IBAT's unique approach can impact the future of renewable energy. 






Lithium Extraction Technology

We strive to enable the battery industry to realize the full potential of renewable energy.


Lithium Brine Extraction

An essential part of our strategy is to differentiate itself from the pack of lithium oriented venture-stage companies by quickly going to the production stage using our unique technology.

Hard Rock Exploration vs Lithium Brine Extraction | IBAt

Mobile Lithium Extraction Process

Our lithium extraction technology would be the lowest cost producer of lithium using this proven and proprietary lithium extraction process from lithium baring brines. The technology that we are evaluating is expected to extract and produce lithium products (including lithium chloride, lithium carbonate, and lithium hydroxide) at costs similar to current low-cost lithium producers.

Lithium Extraction Process

The Lithium Market

Better understand historical and forecasted states of the Lithium Market by reviewing our research. 


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Sources for Lithium Extraction

Along with evaluating and potentially licensing lithium extraction process, International Battery Metals has also begun its efforts to secure access to lithium baring brines that are ideal for lithium extraction from brine. 

Global Lithium Supply


Key Selection Criteria
  • Documentation of high lithium and TDS content of brine
  • Volume of brine potentially available and materiality of potential developed asset
  • Availability of existing brine production infrastructure
  • Ownership and whether present owner is motivated to sell or lease access
  • Geologic certainty of resources, focus on low/no risk
  • Factors affecting title and certainty of ownership
  • Expansion possibilities
  • Operating costs
  • Labor market considerations
  • Surface access considerations
  • Regulatory environment considerations
  • Energy availability (for process heat)
  • Takeaway transportation nearby including rail lines and roadways

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