IBAT’s Commercial Scale
Modular Direct Lithium Extraction
(MDLE) Technology

International Battery Metals’ patented extraction technology is proven to maximize lithium recovery while minimizing environmental harm.

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IBAT’s revolutionary Generation 3 system uses selective absorption in a ground-breaking engineering design for optimal results. The improved absorbent selectively extracts lithium and chloride ions, without the need for acid-base regeneration cycles. We simply extract the lithium from brine with water and reinject the brine into the ground.

An All-Around Better DLE System

The benefits of the IBAT system include…


High Recovery Rate

Our fully implemented system has been tested and proven to deliver lithium returns greater than 95%.


Modularity & Mobility

IBAT’s is the world’s first modular direct lithium extraction (MDLE) plant to be successfully designed, built, and deployed at commercial scale. Fabrication can be started and finished within months, then transported and assembled at the brine site, making it the ultimate mobile solution.


Fast Time to Market

Traditional lithium extraction plants commonly take up to three years to construct. IBAT’s modular plant design allows us to go from contract agreement to startup in less than 12 months.


Low Operating & Capital Costs

Our speed to market and unique engineering design, paired with our novel process, lead to a lithium extraction operation that costs much less what it takes to run a traditional plant.


Environmental Advantages

Our unique approach safeguards the environment from damage caused by lithium extraction activities. It uses no processing chemicals, generates no waste byproducts, and creates no evaporation ponds or salt pits. Our plant is also designed to leave little trace after decommissioning.

As for one of the largest concerns over lithium mining–water usage–the IBAT system allows for the recycling of 98% of process water.

Proven Performance
Confirmed by Independent Report

Third-party testing has verified that IBAT’s system is not theoretical; it is real-world proven and ready to be deployed to recover lithium from your asset. Complete the form to review the results.

Superior Performance
vs Other DLE Methods

When measured against other commercially available direct lithium extraction techniques, it’s clear that IBAT has the cost-effective, resource-efficient, sustainable process that is poised to become the industry standard.


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